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NOTE: The preferred way to install tools from the site is now the Setup program.

The biggest challenge with getting rolling with MindReader, Mark and Log Tasks Done and the other tools on can be installing all the associated tags, macros, and configuration maps. See GyroQ tag list screen shot below.

You can get all this done by exiting GyroQ, downloading, and unzipping its files and folders into your "My Maps" directory. You should end up with mindreaderopen.mmbas, mindreaderNLP.mmbas, mindreader.mmap in your "My Maps" directory and other macros in "My Maps\AO".

  • Don't overwrite your "Daily Capture Map.mmap" if you have an existing capture map.
  • Don't overwrite gyroq.ini if you would rather install the tags one by one from the wiki.
  • If you do want to install all the tags at once, make sure you fully exit from GyroQ to avoid confusing it.

For existing users, AO-PACK provides a way to update your system with most recent tags/macros if you haven't added significant customizations.

02Feb2009: Note -- In order to reduce the number of files that need to be updated when the program changes, the file is no longer being updated. Please use the Setup program or consult the source code for the individual components, all of which are stored on the wiki. The previous versions of remain stored.

GyroQ menu after AO-Pack installation:


AO-pack Contexts

  • GyroQ\GyroQ.ini -- A replacement GyroQ configuration file with the following tags configured in it:
    • Gyronix Default tags:
      • Idea, Information (with Clipboard), Action item, Owe, and Waiting for
    • MindReader tags:
      • o, c, q, s, m, mri, mra, fo, fq
    • Mark Task Complete: d
    • others:
      • tfs, fn, elog, clo
  • MindReader Configuration Maps
    • ao\mindreaderconfig.mmap
    • mrsample.mmap
    • Daily Capture Map.mmap
  • MindManager Macros
    • \AO\ao_MindReaderNLP.mmbas
    • \AO\ao_MindReaderOPen.mmbas
    • \AO\rss_to_intray.mmbas
    • \AO\ao_next_action_analysis.mmbas
    • \AO\mark_task_complete.mmbas
    • \AO\map2wiki.mmbas
    • \AO\map2table.mmbas
    • \AO\ao_send_branch.mmbas