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Basecamp is a popular web-based collaboration tool from 37 Signals that enable project teams to create to do lists, set milestones, and share files. The primary account holder can export project information contained in the tool to XML format[1]. If you save this XML file to your "My Maps" directory and run the AO_basecamp_import.mmbas macro, it will import the basecamp data into MindManager in a file named basecampImport0000.mmap. Projects are groups by the company they are associated with. People listed in the basecamp file are enumerated in the "resources" branch of the map by company and associated as resources with the tasks they are assigned.

The import is set up to be compatible with ResultsManager if you have it installed. Each project is assign a Project icon and each set of to-do list items are set as tasks under a subproject with the todo list's name. The projects themselves are not assigned to an individual as Basecamp does not appear to assign responsibility at the project level.

Note that this is highly untested code written as a Sunday morning hobby. Don't count on it to be 100% accurate.

Quick Start

  1. Export your Basecamp data into a downloaded zip file (must be primary account holder)
  2. Extract the xml file from the downloaded zip file, rename it as basecamp.xml, and save it in your "My Maps" directory
  3. Download ao_basecamp_import.mmbas (suggest you save it in "My Maps\AO" directory)
  4. Run the ao_basecamp_import.mmbas macro
  5. The output will be placed in "My Maps\BaseCampImport0000.mmap".


Potential Uses:

  • Manager your tasks in ResultsManager based on data exported from basecamp daily.
  • Migrate your projects to MindManager environment to try MindManager and/or ResultsManager
  • Use as an intermediate step to exporting basecamp to another format (e.g. Outlook) as the xml itself is fairly cryptic
  • Gain confidence that the export/backup is capturing the information you want.

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