AO Tool Installer Development Project

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A project has been initiated to o make life easier to install the AO-Pack and to start the process of creating a set of robust installation and update setup.exe files for tools on the site. Hans has created an initial version of a setup using Inno Setup (

Setup Tools

The current installation files consist of:

The setup currently enables you to install the AO-Pack, which is split into 3 'components':

  • main: the MindReader macro's
  • config; the configuration files needed by MindReader, the files are only installed if they do not already exist
  • sample; the sample map.

The GyroQ tag file setup is a separate 'task'. If this task is enabled, it will check if GyroQ is already running, using a additional dll found at

It will ask what MindManager version you are using. In the background, the settings found in GyroActivator are used to make a guess. Using that information, the current MyMaps folder is predefined, and the user is asked to confirm it.

The macros have an automatic version checker that will direct them to the Setup page if their versions are out of date.

Setup Project

The project is being done collaboratively using a "Mindjet Connect" workspace.

The workspace contains a project map as well as a ResultsManager dashboard outlining next actions.

As a "Meta-Project", we will also be gathering notes on the experience of using MJC and ResultsManager and capture in blog entries.

Beta Testing

An initial "setup.exe" installation program is available for testing. Contact if you would like to participate in testing and/or providing ideas on the installer strategy, or to just follow along watching the project evolve in the workspace.

MindReader 2

As part of this project, the set of mindreader tags and macros has been overhauled and will be released with the first setup. For information on the changes see the MindReader2 page.