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How to Write a Macro for MindManager

Using Macro Editor in MindManager - Experienced Writers

If you open the Help file in MindManager and search for Macros you will see the following text abut two-thirds of he way down the page:

"Additional features can be provided through the use of MindManager Macros. Macros differ from add-ins in that they are not separate applications: they are a set of commands that direct MindManager to perform certain actions. Macros, like add-ins can be provided by Mindjet or third-party vendors, but they can also be created using the Macro editor provided with MindManager. You can add, delete, and modify macros with the Tools - Macro - Macros options.

To use the Macro editor:

Click Tools - Macro - Macro Editor.

The editor comes with its own help file, accessible from the editor's main toolbar".

Clicking on the Macro Editor button will open the Sax Basic Editor, an interactive design environment for developing, testing and executing Sax Basic scripts. The Sax Basic Language provides the core language definition and is compatible with Visual Basic for Applications(TM).

See Help in Macro Editor for Help on Editor and Language.

Remember, your Macro should have a .mmbas extension and can be saved to any directory on the system.

How does a Newbie Write Macros?

So! You wanna write your own Macros in MindManager but don't have a clue! First off, read thoroughly and digest the following articles: