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In order to use the tags below, you must have the Professional version of GryoQ and enable the "Use Extended Tags" option by clicking on the GyroQ icon in the System tray. To install the tags on your system, simply paste the "Packed text" into your gyroQ input dialog box. These are not highly tested, so contact first if you have problems rather than Gyronix.

ActivityOwner's gyroq.ini

This is the GyroQ.ini file I use on my home system. It is also included in AO-Pack. The ao-pack-installer.ini can be used with the GyroQ-installer to update tags while leaving slots X, Y, and Z open for personal tags.

MindReader Tags

The tags in this section are associated with MindReader. All require that you install MindReaderOpen.mmbas and MindReaderNLP.mmbas in your my maps directory and configure your mindreader.mmap file using mri.

As part of the AO Setup Installation project, a mindreadertags.ini is being created.

Tag Description Code Packed Blog Last Update
o -Open map based on keyword Code Packed Blog History
q Parse and queue entered text code Packed Blog History
c Parse selected topics Code Packed Blog >History
b Enter task to do before selected task (similar to alt-e-i) Code Packed Blog History
a Enter task to do after selected task (not for dashboards) Code Packed Blog History
p -Enter task to mindread and do in parallel with selected task Code Packed Blog History
s Send selected topic(s) to another location based on keyword. Code Packed Blog History
m Mark up selected topic(s) based on entered keywords Code Packed Blog
k Enter link keyword for selected topic destination Requires v7. For v6 see earlier packed text Code Packed Blog History
mra add new contacts and/or verb/contexts to mindreader.mmap Code Packed Blog History
fq faster version of "q". Caution: Double quotes (") in text will crash this version. Code Packed Blog History
nm Process input as new map central topic Code Packed   History
mtcn mark task complete and set next action (required mark_task_complete.mmbas) Code Packed   History
cb Process a branch of topics with MindReader Code Packed   History

Emailing Tasks

TagDescriptionCodePackedBlogLast Update
mna Mail Next Actions -- edit in your daily action dashboard location, your email address, and your ISP's outgoing mail SMTP server and have GyroQ send you your to do list Code Packed   22Nov08
mdl Mail Deadlines (requires ao_send_branch.mmbas Code Packed  
piifotd "Put it in front of the door": Sample overnight script for daily actions that sends the queue, sends dashboard changes, refreshes the dailyaction dashboard, and emails out your next actions - edit in your daily action dashboard location, your email address, and your ISP's outgoing mail SMTP server and have GyroQ send you your to do list. Requires ao_send_branch.mmbas and send_branch_by_subtopic.mmbas from the macro library to be in your my maps\AO directory Code   Blog 04May07

Other GyroQ Tags

TagDescriptionCodePackedBlogLast Update
elog Log events into an event log map Code Packed Blog &nbsp
rnd Pick a random next action from your daily dashboard Code Packed   03Nov07
m2t Call the map2table.mmbas macro to create a html table of a 3 level deep map. By default each 1st level topic becomes a column heading, each 2nd level topic becomes a row heading, and each 3rd level topic drops into the table itself. This macro requires that the map2table.mmbas macro be downloaded and placed in the My Maps\AO directory. Code Packed   23Nov08
olt Send entered task directly to Outlook task list upon dequeuing (requires ao_gyroq_to_outlook_task.mmbas in AO directory and for a reference to microsoft outlook 11.0 (or 12) object library to be checked in macro editor) Code Packed   18Feb08
naa Next Action Analysis -- Analyze your daily action dashboard. Replaces naaa below Code Packed Blog 15Jan08
naaa Next Action Age Analysis -- Identify the oldest 10% of your next actions in a new branch on your daily action dashboard Code Packed
tfs Toggle Full Screen -- toggle MindManager in and out of full screen mode. Code Packed Yahoo 09Jun07
tco Toggle Call outs -- toggle show/hide callouts (v7 only) Code Packed 15Jan08
rssi Monitors main topic RSS smart map parts in current map and transfers new items to in-tray for use as a RSS "reader" or with import. Code Packed   08Mar07
gyt GyroTrigger: David Allen GTD Incompletion Trigger List Code Packed Blog 13Nov06
gts GyroTimer Start: Start Timing a project (enter comment) Code Packed Blog  
gtf GyroTimer Finish: Finish GyroTiming a project (enter comment) Code Packed Blog  
evl Event Logger Code Packed 16May07
1on1 1:1 meeting template generator (for use with ResultsManager & MM v7) Code Packed Blog 23Sep07
rgd Regenerate Dashboards (need to edit to match your dashboard paths) Code Packed Blog 24Jan07
cna Copy next actions to clipboard and Next Actions notes Code Packed Blog 03Mar07
clp Copy selected topic and displayed subtopics to clipboard as text (generic version of cna). Code Packed Blog 10Jan07
spl Split a topic at the cursor and place 2nd half below as a sibling topic Code Packed   12Mar07
ea Edit selected activities Code Packed   17Jan07
fn Display filename and path for current map and place on clipboard Code Packed   04Feb07
clo Close unmodified mindmanager maps Code Packed Blog 19Apr07
cnt Count activities in a map Code Packed   18Jan07
d "d"one -- Mark Task Complete or reset a repeating task to next interval (a.ka. mtc) Code Packed   26Jun07
aomenu run macros without need for dedicated tag for each Code Packed   08Aug07
tl toggle list)for selected activity Code Packed   07Sep07

Obsolete Tags

I would consider these tags obsolete, being replaced by "Mark Task Complete", MindReader, or other tag above. They are simpler to install than some of the subsequent tag/macro combinations, so you might find them useful.

TagDescriptionCodePackedBlogLast Update
prs Initial proof of concept for MindReader. Parses your input to GyroQ to markup action item with things like context and due date. Superceded by tags above Code Packed Blog 20Jan07
  Choose Destination map on the fly, place item on in-tray Code Packed Blog  
map Same as above, with optional note/link from clipboard Code Packed Blog  
  Action Item Due Today (send to a specific map) so it will show up as overdue on dashboard quickly if you don't get around to processing your in-tray. Code Packed Blog  
mtc Log a task as complete in log map. This has been superceded by the "d" tag which calls the Mark Tasks Complete macro Code Packed Wiki 03Mar07
  Do it Tomorrow- Set a repeating item to come up tomorrow (or procrastinate a current task). This is better handled now by the mark_task_complete macro in themacro library Code Packed Blog  
  Log a task as complete in log map (non-ResultsManager version) Code Packed Blog  
dit Log a repeating daily task complete and push dates to next day Code Packed    
diw Log a repeating weekly task complete and push dates to next week code packed   02Sep07
dim Log a repeating monthly task complete and push dates to next month Code Packed    

User Contributed Tags

One of the main goals of the ActivityOwner.Com site is to provide examples of dashboards, tags, and macros that users can learn from and move to developing their own tools. A logical follow-on to that is to provide a forum for sharing those. The tags below have been contributed by ActivityOwner.Com readers or are links to tags available at other sites. In some cases the short tag name may have been changed to avoid collisions with other site tags. Same caveats apply to these tags as the ones above -- use at your own risk!

Have something to share? Send it along.

TagDescriptionCodePackedBlog EntryContributed byLast Update
ai Agenda Item Capture -- customize with people you frequently meet with (optional due date, deadline) Code Packed   Roger W. 03Feb07

Gyronix Tag Libraries

See the Gyronix Newsletters for more information. Included here for quick reference.

Tag Library 1 Action by context with due date, action by area wizard Download
Tag Library 2 Post to "In-Tray" tags (sub-grouping & no sub-grouping) Download
Tag Library 3 SWOT and edit-activity


GTD Library GTD Download
Tag Library 4 Commitment Management Download
default GyroQ.ini text