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***** NEW: Review and contribute to the Mindjet 11 page. *****


Tool PurposeInstall
Omni2Map Import OmniFocus Projects and tasks into MindManager Download
Map2excel_logo.jpg Map2Excel Export a map to Excel. Optionally export as an outline or a table Download
Mindreader-logo.jpg MindReader Use AI to set your MindManager topics attributes and destination map.Download
Check.jpg Mark Task Complete Advance repeating tasks and log completions to branches and monthly logsDownload
Naa_logo.jpg Next Action AnalysisReview Daily Actions and improve your focus. Comes with MindReader.Download
Mymapmacros_logo.jpg MyMapMacrosAdd macros to the MindManager ribbon and Quick Access toolbar.Download
Outlinker-logo.png OutLinker Process mail to Outlook or MindManager tasks and link/attach original. Download
Outlinker-lite_logo.jpg OutLinker Lite Outlinker functionality without the need to have MindManager. Download
Put it in front of the door Automate daily refresh of dashboards and emailing of next actions
MindReader for GyroQ Launch earlier versions of several tools above using the GyroQ interface. Setup

Note: The programs above began as macros but now can now be installed directly as Ribbon bar "add-ins".

wiki.ActivityOwner.Com is the companion site for the ActivityOwner.Com blog; hosting software, libraries, and resources that readers can contribute to. Search this site and using the Custom Search Page. Many of the add-ins on the site build upon MindManager, ResultsManager, and GyroQ to assist you in implementing streamlined and efficient personal management principles. They attempt to practically apply the Getting Things Done (GTD) insights to a computer-based environment. If you find the information or tools on the site useful, consider visiting the Donation page.

Where to Start? The overall system of using MindManager, ResultsManager, GyroQ, MindReader, OutLinker, and other tools on the site can be daunting. For quick reference, visit the "What do I do when I..." to see how to get what you need done.

NOTE: MindManager 9 introduced changes in the way that task dates are handled that disrupt the way MindReader and ResultsManager interact with maps. The MindManager 9 Issues page enumerates the current issues. Several can be addressed by going through MindManager Setup Tips.


This wiki also provides information on developing custom GyroQ tags, MindManager Macros, and ResultsManager dashboards in MindManager for implementing and GTD.