Making MindReader work on MM5

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ActivityOwner has updated the downloadable version of the MindReader macros with this change

It has now also been tested on V6 (!) and appears not to break things...

Julian 23:58, 26 March 2007 (PDT)

MM6-specific features that need to be changed

The macro file MindReaderOpen.mmbas contains one reference to a feature that is MM6-specific.

Open the macro file in a text editor and find line 29:

If mtopic.TextLabels.ContainsTextLabel("In-tray*") Then

To make this code work on MM5 do the following:

  1. comment out the code above by inserting REM at the beginning of the line
  2. insert a new line of code immediately below that says If InStr(LCase(mtopic.Task.Categories), "in-tray*") > 0 Then

The code should now look like this:

 For Each mtopic In ActiveDocument.CentralTopic.AllSubTopics
   Rem the next line is the one that breaks on Mindmanager X5 object model 5.2.2
   Rem If mtopic.TextLabels.ContainsTextLabel("In-tray*") Then
   If InStr(LCase(mtopic.Task.Categories), "in-tray*") > 0 Then
    Set itopic=mtopic
 End If


Julian 04:22, 26 March 2007 (PDT)