Manually Adding Outlinker Macro

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The instructions below are for manually adding the OutLinker code to OutLook. See OutLinker for full process.

  • In Outlook, click Tools->Macros->Visual Basic Editor


  • Choose Insert Module to create Module1


  • Paste the macro code into Module1
  • If you have a non-standard installation directory for GyroQ, you need to fix this in the Outlinker Settings "gyroqpath" item. This will be created during first use of the macro.

Add Reference(s)

  • Use Tools->References in Visual Basic Editor to enable references to the following. If you don't see them in your list of references to be checked off, you can browse to them in the system32 directory:
    • Microsoft Scripting Runtime: c:\windows\system32\scrrun.dll
    • Windows Forms 2.0: c:\windows\system32\fm20.dll (It may be labeled "Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library")
    • MindManager (6 or 7 or 8) Type Library

References.png Scrrun.png

  • Click OK when you have added the references.