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While the wiki-markup language is fairly straightforward, people comfortable with map editing may prefer to generate and maintain their content in maps and then export to a wiki periodically. map2wiki is a attempt to enable this.


  • The maintopic text is used as the title of the page
  • The macro recursively iterates down through the maintopics and their subtopics sections and subsections.
  • External hyperlinks are added
  • Internal hyperlinks as assumed to be linked to other wiki pages. 
  • Topic notes are added under each section.
  • Export a set of linked maps separately and have them link up similarly in wiki? (need to test and debug but may work).


There are a number of features that could be added to this to leverage map markup (e.g. relationships).   One issue to consider is whether to enable an option to break the outline into bulleted or numbered lists rather than sections. 

If you have ideas or suggestions, please add them to the ActivityOwner blog entry associated with this program.   Utilizing the wiki for discussion and comment is a bit too complex for wiki novices. MindReader and Mark Task Complete have benefited from the collaborative open source development by ActivityOwner.Com readers and I assume this might grow that way as well.

Source Code

map2wiki.mmbas is available in the macro library.

As an experiment, a development version of map2wiki-dev.mmbas will be kept on the wiki for collaborative editing.   Do not use this version unless you understand the source code inside out as it will be even less tested that the library version and potentially have undesirable or unintended consequences.

Revision History

  • 11Apr07
    • Process notes as html rather than plain text to enable hyperlink conversion.
    • Remove/convert html portions using new note2wiki function
    • Will work for only simple link markup.  May need to fall back to plain text for notes that have rich formatting.
  • 09Apr07 
    • Initial version

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