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Mark Task Complete provides a number of useful features for managing tasks in MindManager.

  1. It allows you to mark one or more selected tasks complete.
  2. It also allows you to have repeating tasks at a variety of set intervals.
  3. It keep copies of completed tasks in "CompletedLog" maps by month for future reference.
  4. It also allows you to move them to a "completed" topic underneath the project automatically (new default) or to a floating "completed" topic to reduce map clutter.
  5. It also creates a completion calendar in the reference branch of the project map.

The most powerful feature is actually not completing task but advancing repeating tasks. Repeating tasks are automatically incremented forward by category-specified intervals rather than marking them complete. The toool can be used on ResultsManager Dashboards or directly on project maps.


Installation and Configuration

NEW INSTALLATION The program now has a stand-alone installation and ribbon toolbar:

IMPORTANT: If you are using MindManager 8, you need to click on Application, Options, Add-in and check the box to activate "ActivityOwner.Com Mark Task Complete".

The most recent version prior to that above is referred to as the "stable" version. If you have problems with the beta, try the stable verion (but may have different issues).

For information on recent changes visit the Mark Task Complete Revision History page.

You can also install an older macro-based version of of the code using the Setup program for MindReader for GyroQ.

  • If you find this add-in useful, consider visiting the donation page.

Getting Started

Repeating-tasks are designated by adding one of the strings below to the category field (see table below). These are now readily accessible on the MindManager ribbon. In general repeating tasks are advanced either from the due date ("each" keywords) or from the date you actual mark them done ("every" keywords).

The first time the macro processes a task with one of the repeating categories above, it will mark the task with a "redo" icon, so you know that it has been correctly processed. If the task is non-repeating, it will mark it done and add a red check-mark icon so that you know that item has been logged in the CompletedLog.

When a repeating activity is reset, it either advances forward based on the current date or the current due date of the task. The start date is either set to precede it per the schedule below, or advanced by the same interval, depending on the category.

If the due date or start date have not been previously set, they will be left blank unless the "sdd" variable in the code is set to true.

Note that adding "ndd" to the "dates" branch (notes=0)of your mindreader config file 'mapmap' makes it usable with the "m" command to remove due dates from existing tasks.

category Advance Relative to Lead time
daily 1 day today 0 days
everytwo 2 days today 1 day
weekly 1 week today 3 days
every2weeks 2 week due date 7
fortnightly 2 week due date 7
monthly 1 month today 10 days
quarterly 3 months 1 month today
biannual 6 months today 1 month
yearly 1 year today 1 month
eachweek 1 week due date advance start date
each2weeks 2 week due date advance start date
eachfortnight 2 week due date advance start date
eachmonth 1 month due date advance start date
eachquarter 1 quarter due date advance start date
eachyear 1 year due date advance start date
endofmonth next end of month due date advance start date
endofquarter next end of quarter due date advance start date
"thursday" next thursday today 3 days

Here is a summary of mark task complete advance codes and related keywords that MindReader recognizes from this blog post:


What happens when you mark a task complete?

Mark Task Complete can do several things with messages you mark complete.

The original task either can either...

  1. stay in place
  2. be deleted or
  3. be moved or copied to a completed topic (repeating tasks are copied) that is a...
    1. floating topic or
    2. branch below the...
      1. parent project
      2. parent result or project

The completed task can also be COPIED to...

  1. The monthly completed log map
  2. A calendar branch under a "reference" main topic
  3. both of the above

The default is to move the completed task to a completed topic below the result/project and to also copy it to both a reference calendar and to the completed log. You can change change that behavior by modifying the configuration options in the configuration map.

Configuration Options

Mark Task Complete has several configuration options that have evolved over time based on user feedback. These are now stored in the "My Maps\AO\CompletedConfig.mmap". In general a "1" means yes or true and "0" means no or false.

log-map-base-name Path and base name for completion log maps. Relative paths are relative to My Maps. ao\Completed
move-complete-to-branch Move completed items to a "Completed" branch or floating topic 1
store-complete-in-project Move completed items to a "Completed" branch underneath the project or result. Set store-in-result=1 if you want to store in results if present. 1
store-in-result put completed branch in result if present instead of project. This setting is ignored unless store-complete-in-project is set. 1
copy-completed-to-log-map put a copy of completed tasks in log map stored 1
delete-original delete the task on the raw map (overrides move options) 0
save-dashboards Save dashboard after task(s) marked complete on it 1
versioncheckfrequency How frequently should program check for new versions (in days, -1 =never) 7
lastversioncheck last time program prompted user to check for updates
copy-completed-to-calendar-branch copy completed items to a completed "calendar" in a reference main topic branch 1
setduetoday Set the due date of completed task to today 0
referencetext text to use in "reference" main branch Reference
completedtext text to use in "Completed" topics Completed

If you want different behavior on a particular map than the defaults you have configured, you can set this in the notes of a main topic "Reference" branch. Just put the option in with an =0 or =1 (e.g. "copy-completed-to-log-map=0").

History and Related Blog Entries

"Mark Tasks Complete" began as a basic GyroQ tag, but evolved into a SAX macro to increase its speed and power. You can read about this history in the "Related Blog Entries" below. For detailed changes over time see the Revision History.

If you have comments or suggestions on the macro, add them to the comments section of the "Repeating Things Done" blog entry.