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You have been directed to this page because there is a more recent version of Mark Task Complete available than you are using. You should go to the Setup page and run the updated setup.exe program to update your installation. A revision history is included below so you know what has changed in this portion of the program. You may also want to review the MindReader Updates and Next Action Analysis Updates pages as well to see what updates will be installed for those programs.

Revision History

  • 20100206 -- fix bug when used in MindJet Catalyst.
  • 20091230 -- close hidden maps so they do not result in version conflicts when using synchronization software
  • 20090901 -- make saving optional (improves compatibility with some add-ins
  • 20090305 -- Take out English-specific logic in code and rely on configuration map (enable non-English config maps)
  • 20090226 -- Fix bug - not marking task complete in some scenarios. Speed up to opening maps and copying, stop selecting task in calendar branch
  • 20090225 -- delete relationships from completed tasks moved to completed topic
  • 20090216 -- save maps modified from dashboards
  • 20090212
    • Enable local configuration settings for each map by option-name=1 in reference branch note.
    • Set desired "reference" and "completed" text in configuration for international users.
    • Fix bug in floating completed topic when using program from a dashboard.
  • 20090206 -- main program still at 20090129 but ao-common updated to add no entry branch and gyroq.ini updated to mark branches done
  • 20090129 -- make sure options are 0 or 1 and prompt otherwise
  • 28Jan2009 -- fix issue with mark task complete when configuration map open during use.
  • 27Jan2009 -- option to setduetoday added. Also inform user when doing configuration update.
  • Mark Task complete now has default option to leave due date alone. It also creates a completion calendar in the reference section of the map.

See the history for the macro on the MindManager Macro Library page.