Mark and Log Tasks Done Revision History

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The table below lists the revision history for the Mark and Log Tasks Done macro.

See [| revision history] on wiki for recent changes

  • 03Nov07
    • Added ability to move completed tasks to a completed floating task.
  • 11Sep07
    • Added "eachweek", "eachmonth", "eachquarter", "eachyear" categories. These increment the current start/duedate rather than using the current date. This allows customization of lead times and is very useful with fixed dates (e.g. birthdays, bills, etc).
  • 18Jun07
    • Fix bug in endofquarter code
  • 26May07
    • Added option to delete completed tasks from dashboards
    • Added option to delete completed tasks from raw maps
    • Added option to not use RM "set activity complete" routine to log completion notes in project notes
    • Added "endofquarter" and "biannual" options for repeating tasks
  • 01Apr07
    • Added "quarterly" syntax
    • Changed "every other day" from bidaily to everytwo to avoid conflict with "daily"
    • Fixed bug of repeating task changes not being sent to underlying project maps