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The MindManager Macro Library lists SAX Basic macros that might help you be more productive with MindManager from the ActivityOwner.Com Blog. Several of these are beginner level attempts so use with caution. If the files do not download but instead display in the browser, you can paste them into the macro editor to save them or (for Internet Explorer) install a registry fix from MindJet. If you have additions/suggestions you'd like to make below, just send an email to info at activityowner.com. While most of the wiki is open to editing, most of the code is protected.

If you are interested in learning more about how to write your own macros, see the Build a MindManager Macro page.

NOTE: Several of these macro require that you also download "ao_common.mmbas" into the same directory in order to run them.

Macros supporting MindReader, Mark Task Complete, and Next Action Analysis Tools

Note: The MindReader macros have been renamed and now live in the "AO" directory rather than in My Maps.

Name Description Code Blog Revised
Mark Task Complete Mark tasks complete and log to a file while addvancing dates on repeating tasks Replaces "mtc","dit","diw","dim" GyroQ tags. Code wiki History
Next Action Analysis Analyze your Daily Action Dashboard to see if you are being realistic about things (was ao_age_analysis) Code Blog History
ao_MindReader_Common This library of routines is used by MindReader as includes the main algorithms formally in mindreaderOpen and mindreaderNLP. It is called by the new ao_mindreaderopen and ao_mindreaderNLP stubs. Code  
ao_MindReaderOpen Open a map based on keyword. Used by the MindReader "o", "q", and "s" tags. Replaces mindreaderopen.mmbas. Code Blog History
ao_MindReaderNLP Mark up topics based on keywords. Used by MindReader "c" and "q" tags. replaces MindReaderNLP.mmbas Code Blog History
AO Common The set of subroutines in this file are shared between mark task complete, next action analysis, and mindreader. You must download this file in addition to the individual macros for each of them. Code   History
MindReaderCall Simulate GyroQ for use with limited set of MindReader commands (use with V8) Code   History
ao_new_project_map Create a new project map, mark up with mindreader, and optionally add a destination keyword to its intray. Can be run directly or called with the nm tag Code Wiki
ao_select_complete_and_mtc select completed tasks in a dashboard and process with mark task complete. Useful for tasks marked as complete manually (instead of with d tag or mark_task_complete macro. Code    

Macros to Import Information to MindManager

Name Description Code Blog Revised
OutLinker Outlook-based macro to process your Microsoft OutLook inbox into MindManager tasks    
AO BaseCamp Import Import projects and tasks from a basecamp.xml file in your "My Maps" directory. Code Blog History
nactionr_import Alpha version of script to import projects and tasks from nactionr. It has only been tested on this sample nactionr xml file Code Blog 13Aug07
RSS to Intray Add RSS Smart Map Parts as main topics. New items placed in In-tray. Old items tracked in a rssdb branch code   08Mar07
GyroqReader Import tags from GyroQ.ini to a maintopic in the currently open map Code   21Jun07

Macros to Export Information from MindManager

Name Description Code Blog Revised
map2wiki Convert a mindmanager map into wikitext format Code 11Nov07
ao_send_branch send a previously selected map branch by email Code Blog 19Sep09
ao_send_branch_by_subtopic send a previously selected map branch's subtopics as emails. Uses send_branch above. Code Blog 04May07
Send Clipboard send contents of clipboard in an email Code Blog 07Mar07
Send clipboard to file This is a code snippet used in "cna" macro to put nextaction outline up in notepad Code Blog O3Mar07
ao_outlook_appt macro used to create an outlook appt from a task and link it (also used by ola tag) View 05Apr09
ao_Attachment2Link macro used to save 1st attachment in selected topic(s) to disk and add hyperlink(s) to them View 10Nov09
ao_next_actions_to_outlook Beta version of macro to send next actions to outlook task list. Code 17Jan10

Macros to Analyze Map Contents

Name Description Code Blog Revised
count topics in map count topics in map Code   05Nov08
ao_count_tasks Count tasks in a map Code    
ap_pct_done percentage of tasks on a map that are done Code   09Dec07
next action verb analysis Run on your daily action dashboard and count up how often you are using different verbs and assess their age. Code   14Jul07
na-verb-analysis-completed Run on your Completed Log and count up how often you are using different verbs. Also assesses task age Code   08Jul07
ao-minimapcentral build a map central from just the maps active in a dashboard Code   22dec2010

Macros to Mark Up Map Contents

Name Description Code Blog Revised
ao_set_relative_project_dates Open a project map with that has D-2, S+5 category codes and use this macro to set start dates and due dates relative to date you enter at prompt Code Wiki History
reuse_annual_project advance all dates 1 year and reset completed tasks Code Blog 03Sep07
MindRanker Rank the relative priority or importance of a set of topics by comparing them to each other. This uses the algorithm of the Analytical Hierarchy Process. Code   History
colortasks color overdue red, upcoming yellow, and others green Code 21Oct07
Send2LinkedMap Send subtopics of a topic to the map it is linked to. Code 20Jun07
tree2note copy tree under selected topic into its note and delete tree Code    
ao_toggle_list toggle (list) in selected topic (assign to topic context menu) or application shortcut Code   07Sep07
subcountlabel add a label to each topic listing how many total children are under it. Careful -- no undo! Code   19May09

Misc Utility Macros

Name Description Code Blog Revised
ao_fix_relative_outlook_links MindManager 8.2 currently sees Outlook hyperlinks as relative file links if the hyperlink type is set to relative. In order to address this, run this macro on a map and it will convert the link type to absolute type. Code 28Nov2009
MindReader_harvest_links Set up your map central or another map with topics that have the text you want MindReader to recognize as a destination map keyword and link the topic to the chosen destination. This provides a 1-step alternative to adding keywords/links individually with the mra GyroQ tag. Make sure your keywords are short and unique enough to make them useful. You can use your MapCentral map or another map you create for this purpose. Code BETA  07Sep07
ao_gyroq_to_outlook_task macro used by GyroQ "olt" tag to send a task directly to outlook task list View 24Apr09
ao_full_intray_projects run script with "sweep and review" dashboard open to generate extra branch listing projects with full in-trays Code Msg 21Aug07
guid2oid Convert Mindmanager guid to Mindjet connect oid Code   28Nov08
aomenu Used to run other macros from gyroQ rather than using dedicated tags Code   08Aug07
clo Close unmodified files Code Blog  
Load and refresh dashboards Load and refresh ResultsManager Dashboards Code Blog  
Time as Dashboard Time dashboard creation Code