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MindReader 3 for ResultsManager 3
MindReader 3 for ResultsManager 3
*[http://www.activityowner.com/installers/Mindreader3-beta-mm11.php MindReader3 for Mindjet 11]
*[http://www.activityowner.com/installers/MindReader3-beta-mm11.php MindReader3 for Mindjet 11]

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MindReader is a free MindManager add-in that anyone can use to quickly mark up or add tasks in MindManager.

It uses artificial intelligence techniques and keywords to automatically set or change MindManager topic attributes for you. It also allows you to quickly open frequently used maps and send topics to them. This saves time and allows you to focus on updating your plans rather than navigating software forms and menus. To learn what it can do for you, read what you can do with the MindReader Button. No other add-ins or software are required.

For Example...

quickly enter this at the MindReader "add task" dialog...and get this entered in MindManager for you...

MindReader commands are readily accessible on the MindManger Ribbon interface and can also be added to the quick-access toolbar.


If you are using ResultsManager, several additional buttons are added for Next Action Analysis, as well as opening and synchronizing DailyAction Dashboards: Ao-ribbon-sample.jpg


Exit mindmanager and check the processes under the task manager and make sure no hidden copies of MindManager are running in the background.

MindReader 3 for ResultsManager 3

MindReader 2 for ResultsManager 2

For recent changes, see MindReader2 Revision History.

If you run into trouble with the beta, you can fall back to the last version by downloading:

This also adds Next Action Analysis and several other tools specific to ResultsManager only if you have it installed. Map2Excel and Mark Task Complete are now installed separately. If you prefer, you can also install the original MindReader for GyroQ. The new add-ins are backward compatible and can be used in parallel.

Note that the context, due, and time buttons can be reconfigured to use the keywords of your choice (e.g. P1, P2, P3).

The ribbon is an early beta. Report back with your experiences, questions, and suggestions on the current blog entry.

If you find this tool or the information on this site useful, feel free to visit the donation page.

Getting Started

  1. Learn to use the program by reading and practicing the examples in Mindreader Button
  2. Learn about MindReader Syntax and MindReader Keywords
  3. Read about the use and development in MindReader Blog Entries
  4. Review MindReader Demos and the MindReader FAQ