MindReader2 Revision History

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The table below lists the Revision History for MindReader.

DATE Version Changes
15May11 2.0.0041 Adds configurable send buttons, refreshes dashboard before running NAA.
08Apr11 2.0.0036 Improvements to mindreader dialog box and button dialog.
04Apr11 2.0.0031 Added floating form with 40 configurable keyword buttons for map markup.
03Apr11 2.0.0025 fix bug in Next action analysis
03Apr11 2.0.0024 Make contexts, due date, and time require buttons configurable to any keyword desired (e.g. area, priority, etc).
03Apr11 2.0.0022 Graphing of Next Action Analysis Scores improved
03Apr11 2.0.0020 make ribbon more compact
02Apr11 2.0.0019 fix calculator error trapping bug
02Apr11 2.0.0018 added calculator, added commands to topic context menu, fixed new map bug, added tomorrow button, added about button.
01Apr11 2.0.0017 Fixes upgrade check bug and also adds context and time required buttons.