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The MindReader configuration map is supplied along with the Setup installation as mindreaderconfigsample.mmap. The program copies this to mindreaderconfig.mmap for use if the user does not have a legacy configuration map.

The configuration map enables the user to customize (e.g. for different language) or extend the keywords recognized by the system. The MindReader system loops through the various branches in the map and marks up the selected topic accordingly.

The examples below show what a typical configuration map might look like.

You can add additional keywords using the mra tag or edit the map directly. Using the MindReader k tag you can add destination keywords as well.

You can learn more about the content and customization of the configuration file by reading about an earlier version of the default mindreader configuration file in wiki format.

mindreader.mmap (English)


mindreaderconfig-nl.mmap (Dutch)


mindreader-es.mmap (Spanish)

Para utilizar el archivo Español de la configuración, instalar MindReader y substituir el archivo de mindreader.mmap por el archivo de mindreader-fr.mmap abajo (retitularlo a mindreader.mmap). Esto puede contener algunas malas traducciones pues no he practicado en 15 años. Media:Mindreader-es.mmap

mindreader-fr.mmap (French)

To use the French configuration file, install MindReader and replace the mindreader.mmap file with the mindreader-fr.mmap file below (rename it to mindreader.mmap). This may contain some mis-translations as ActivityDaughter is just learning the language. Please provide feedback for improvements (Updated 07Aug07).


Note: In early versions of MindReader, the configuration map was created by the MindReader mri tag.