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This page contains examples of MindReader in action.

Video 1 shows the "o" quickly open maps based on the an older version of the configuration file (see blog post). It opens the configuration map itself with the mapmap keyword so you can see the keywords/maps in place. We next capture some action items with GyroQ using keywords for destination map, context, owner, due date etc using the "mrq" tag (formally "aop").

In Video 2, the capture action items are processed using a parsing macro to decide where to place the tasks and how to mark them up. Notice how the activities automatically get due dates, contexts, priorities, links, etc. "o" and "q" use the same code and keywords to select desitnation maps as described here.

"c" can process existing topic(s) on maps. The example below shows before and after screen shots of a set of topics parsed with "c". The tag temporarily stores the area and context information in the category field, but it will be moved by ResultsManager when processed.

pct-1.gif pct-2.gif