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Below are an initial set of frequently asked questions for the MindReader tags and scripts.



What happened to the "note" and "link" keywords?

Originally you need to specify a note or link keyword if you want to use the clipboard to bring in hyperlinks or notes. Now you just invoke gyroq with Control-Shift-G in those situations and MindReader will automatically add the information you have selected as a note or link.

How do you have a keyword direct MindReader to a given topic?

This only works in MindManager 7. First open your mindreader.mmap file (o mapmap in GyroQ), go to the "links" branch, add a subtopic with the keyword you want to use. Then open the target map, select the destination parent topic, click right and choose "copy as hyperlink", go back to the mindreader.mmap topic, click right and choose "paste as hyperlink". When mindreader sees topic hyperlinks like this one, it automatically will jump there (when using "o") or direct topics sent by "q" or "s" to be subtopics of this topic.

How do I avoid having all these keywords to end up in the my final activity text?

Any text included inside [brackets] is removed after the text has been processed. For example "Buy Eggs [family today!]" becomes "Buy Eggs" with a deadline of today and, if configured as such, a destination map or "area" of family.

What if the text has two keywords for same attribute?

The keyword it the last of the two topics wins.

What happens if a task has no map keywords?

Defaults to 1st topic's map (defaultmap)

Will the q and c tags pick up on keywords within words?

Yes -- a "dd" keyword will match "add"

What icons can I automatically add based on keywords?

A list of icon-codes is available here.

Why do some of my activities have a gray triangle assigned to them?

MindReader assigns a gray triangle symbol to activities that it doesn't find an action verb/context keyword for. This is flag that they might represent an amorphous blob of undoability and that may require additional processing to become "physical next actions".

Can I have a context keyword assign two contexts?

Yes -- In the notes field of the context keyword, enter "context1, @context2". Mindreader will add the @ to the 1st context.

How can I change the day that corresponds to "end of week" or "this week"

Open the mindreaderconfig.mmap map and expand the "dates" branch to find the keyword and substitute the equation below in the notes field:

  • Wed: iff(weekday(date)<3,date+3-weekday(date),date+10-weekday(date)
  • Thu: iff(weekday(date)<4,date+4-weekday(date),date+11-weekday(date)
  • Fri: iff(weekday(date)<5,date+5-weekday(date),date+12-weekday(date)
  • Sat: iff(weekday(date)<6,date+6-weekday(date),date+13-weekday(date)
  • Sun: iff(weekday(date)<7,date+7-weekday(date),date+14-weekday(date)



What version of MindManager and GyroQ has this been tested with?

GyroQ 1.9.2 and MindManager 6.2.399. Upgrading to MindManager 6.2.399 is highly recommended for improved stability with ResultsManager.

Now works on MM version X5 through incorporation of this change

In installed the MindReader tags but I still only have 5 tags showing up?

You need to enable extended tags by clicking on the GyroQ icon in the system tray and choosing "options".

Does MindReader work under MindManager v7?

Yes and No -- It appears that macros called by the current version of GyroQ have trouble opening files. You can assign MindReader.mmbas to the topic context menu to "process" existing topics (the "c" tag), but "o", "q", and "s" are not working reliably at this time.

I installed a new version of tag but it still works like the old one

Make sure you remove the previous version. GyroQ will use the first one it finds in the list.

Can I configure MIndReader to work with other languages?

Yes -- Just change the phrases in the main topic text mindreader.mmap configuration file.


Why is ResultsManager setting a due date when I edit an activity

ResultsManager defaults to have the option "Support MM/Outlook Syncronization" active. When this is on, a task must either have both a start and a due date or have neither. MindReader set the start date to today by default and thus ResultsManager "edit activity" adds a due date to go with it. Just uncheck this option to get rid of the problem[

I got an unlicenced version error message

Make sure you have a GyroQ Professional license. It is required to use custom tags.

I got an error "Object 'CmjDocumentCollectionComObject: unable to create document'" when running the mri configuration tag

This error has been reported by several users. I have not been able to reproduce it. In some cases restarting GyroQ and making sure extended tags are enabled has solved the problem. An alternative solution is to download the Sample Mindreader.mmap configuration map and run "mra" to customize it. An even easier solution is to install run the Setup program, which will install all the tags and macros and a default configuration map at once.

I changed the destination map in the GyroQ Options menu but MindReader keeps defaulting to "Daily Capture Map.mmap"

MindReader uses the map linked to the first entry in the links branch (labeled "defaultmap"). You can change you default map by manually changing the link there.

I installed the software and got an error "Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded"

You need to upgrade to 1.9.4, which allows more tags than earlier versions.

Does MindReader make MindManager more crash prone?

Possibly -- MindManager gets "tired" with frequent add-in use. Disabling "Save AutoRecover" under "Tools", "Options", "Save", actually makes the program much more robust, but you need to get in the habit of hitting Control-S yourself frequently. Closing and reoping MindManager a couple of times a day is a good ideas as well.

Why didn't my verb trigger a context

The verb must be the 1st word in task. Try to compose your action items as: "Verb" the "Noun" with the "Object" by "Due Date"

Why do I have contexts showing up in the Category field?

The macros store the context information in the @format in the Category field. ResultsManager will move it to the context field when for its use.

I entered a task as due "tomorrow" but when I emptied my queue the next day, it was assigned a deadline of the following day?

The date assignments are done on the day you empty your queue. If you have near-term horizon due dates, you should empty your queue before the end of each day.

Why is my area and context information showing up in the category field as @context and ^area?

MindReader can't set ResultsManager's hidden "area" and "context" topic attributes directly, but if it puts the area and context info into the category field — coded with symbols as ^area and @context — then ResultsManager will recognize them for dashboards and it will move the information from the category field into the proper fields when it gets its hands on the task (e.g. with "edit activity"). While this back door into the hidden fields was put there for Outlook sync purposes, we are just exploiting it for our own needs.