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For background on using MindReader see Using the MindReader m tag.

The outline below provides an overview of some of the things you can do with MindReader.

For example, if you have a destination keywords "gyronix" associated a map, then...

  • "o gyronix" opens it
  • "s gyronix" sends the currently selected topics to its in-tray
  • "q call gyronix" sends "call gyronix" to the its in-tray and assigns it a context of phone.
  • "b find phone number" adds "find phone number" before the selected task
  • "a wait for reply" adds "wait for reply" after the selected task

" "p call mindjet" adds "call mindjet" in parallel with the selected task.

  • The remaining tags ("c" and "m") act on selected topics in place and ignore the destination keywords.

You can use keywords for multiple purposes (e.g. associate gyronix = map, area, context, etc).

You can sequence tasks using << or >> delimiters.

The mindreaderopen subroutine works behind the scenes to open the destination map based on a keyword entered using the "q", "o", or "s" tags. The mindreaderNLP routine parses action items based on the the keywords configured in the mindreader.mmap for map destination, context, resources, and due date.

The map below summarizes the syntax recognized by the MindReader. You can see this information in tabular format on the MindReader Keywords page.

Note that "note" and "link" keywords have been obsoleted. You just hightlight the text or link of interest and invoke GyroQ with Control-Shift-G.


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