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  • "First, I think MindReader is awesome! There is a subtle psychological balance between having an idea and finding exactly the right map to put it in on the one hand, and stuffing it quickly but completely uncharacterized into GyroQ on the other. To me, MindReader hits just the right point between these two extremes. I usually do not have time to go and hunt for the right place in the right map. I don't like going to my GyroQ capture map and seeing dozens of totally random thoughts either. But I almost always have time to add a couple of words to what I am typing into GyroQ. And MindReader increases the value of what gets put in the map enormously from those couple of words. This setup is starting to seriously rock 'n' roll! Thanks for writing such an astonishingly useful piece of code!" (Chris D. )
  • "I'm pleased to say I have it all up and running now - you reworked one of the macros following some early issues found with MM7; I used that later version and all has been well since. I'm really impressed with the MindReader tools I have to say; truly the icing on the MM\RM cake - take a bow! --"Kevin
  • Perfect! I never picked up that bracket syntax anywhere, or perhaps I jumped in before reading everything there is to read. Thanks for responding so quickly with the answer. Mindreader is truly fantastic. Noam
  • Your dream scenario exists - after you've purchased GyroQ - go directly to www.activityowner.com - the person who runs that site ... has already written several scripts that can "parse" your action items and put them in the appropriate context. "Email Dave about Wesley project by the end of the week!" Will assign the @Email context, put it in the Wesley.mmap and set a deadline for this Friday. It really works and saves MASSIVE amounts of time. Jim
  • Latest offering from ActivityOwner that I’ve grabbed and put into service is a set of tags and macros entitled MindReader. This extends the functionality of GyroQ to allow you to enter natural-language phrases such as “Email Bob about project X tomorrow” and have these parsed to create ResultsManager activities with key information fields pre-filled – potentially a huge timesaver.Julian
  • Es un agregado para MindManager(software de mapas mentales excelente) el resultsmanager es muy caro, pero por lo que pude probar es el más completo que encontré, hay todo un ecosistema alrededor de este software que lo hace muy automático, casi inteligente, si se agrega los macros de activityowner (masemprendedor.com)
  • As a daily user of mindreader I cannot speak too highly of how much it has improved my daily experience and allowed me to move towards the holy grail of accessing everything via a MindManager map. I started on an informal project probably around 18 months ago with the aim of bringing everything into a cetral portal so that I did not have to be spending too much time navigating my way through different applications and files and so on. Althouth I had been using both MindManager and ResultsManager for a while at that stage I had not really seen the power that these could deliver. That was until MindReader appeared. Even then it took a while to really 'get it' and see how I could use it best but when I did it all suddenly started to gel in my mind and I could see the future and it looked good. As AO wll himself attest I have suggested fixes, improvements and additions that have certainly made my life easier but I also hope that they have helped others as well. If anyone has not already played with MindReader I can only suggest that you spend some time installing it and seeng what it will do for you.Mal
  • Fue empezar a usarlo y convertirme en un adicto. Añadir actividades a ResultsManager dejó de ser un proceso lento e ineficiente para pasar a ser algo natural y divertido. MindReader es como un potentísimo revitalizante que convierte a un renqueante ResultsManager en un caballo de carreras.Jose-Miguel