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MindReader uses artificial intelligence techniques and keywords to automatically set MindManager topic attributes for you. It also allows you to quickly open frequently used maps and send topics to them. This saves time and allows you to focus on updating your plans rather than navigating software forms and menus. To learn what it can do for you, read Using the MindReader m tag and then move on to the tags below.

The MindReader Tags

MindReader in Action

Enter this into GyroQ...


and get this in MindManager...


Getting Started

  1. Download the Setup program to install the software
  2. Learn to use the program by reading and practicing the examples in Using the MindReader m tag
  3. Learn about MindReader Syntax and MindReader Keywords
  4. Read about the use and development in MindReader Blog Entries
  5. Review MindReader Demos and the MindReader FAQ
  6. Look under the hood at the MindReader Components and MindReader Configuration Map
  7. See the MindReader Acknowledgments and MindReader Testimonials

For a complete list of MindReader tag code and packed text, see the GyroQ Tag Library. For the macros, see the MindManager Macro Library. If you have questions not covered by the links above, just add a comment to one of the blog entries on www.activityowner.com and it will be addressed. Note that this project is purely a "Someday/Maybe" hobby, so calibrate your expectations with that in mind :-)

The GyroQ tags below are installed when you run the Setup program.

Click on each tag for more information.

Using the MindReader o tagUsing the MindReader c tagUsing the MindReader q tagUsing the MindReader s tagUsing the MindReader m tagUsing the MindReader a tagUsing the MindReader b tagUsing the MindReader p tagUsing the MindReader k tagUsing the MindReader nm tagUsing the MindReader mra tagUsing the MindReader lkw tagUsing the MindReader cb tagMark Task CompleteUsing the elog tagUsing the clo tagUsing the aomenu tagMap2tableUsing the mna tagNext Action AnalysisUsing the olt tagUsing the mtcn tagUsing the fn tagUsing the Archive tagAo-pack-ini.jpg