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MyMapMacros is a MindManager add-in that lets you launch macros from the MindManager Ribbon tool bar and also add them to the Quick Access Toolbar.

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Mymapmacros_directory.jpg Mymapmacros_example_menu.jpg


  • Download Install the MyMapMacro add-in:
  • Create a mymapmacros directory in your "My Maps" directory as "My Maps\mymapmacros" and place your macros in the folder.
    • You can optionally place a .jpg or .ico file in the directory with the same name as the macro if you want a custom icon for the macro/command.
    • Underscores in the macro name are replaced with spaces and used for the caption for the command.
    • Up to 10 macros can be added to the Ribbon and quick-access toolbar in this fashion.
    • You must restart MindManager in order for new macros to be recognized and loaded.
  • If you have comments or suggestions, visit the blog entry associated with this program.
  • Check back here for updated versions. You can follow the MyMapMacros Revision History to see what updates have been made to the program recently.
  • To learn more about writing macros, visit the MindManager Macro Library or read Build a MindManager Macro.
  • If you find the add-in useful, consider visiting the Donation page.

Comments or Questions

If you have comments or questions, comment on the related blog entry on