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Omni2Map is a MindManager 9 add-in that imports folders, projects, and tasks from OmniFocus into a visual MindManager project map.



The previous "stable" versions of the software are linked below. Typically the beta will be "better" but might have a new bug that gives you a problem in which case you can try these:



  1. Obtain a copy of your contents.xml from from OmniFocus.
    1. go to and set up syncing and then download the omnisyncserver.tar file as you have.
    2. Open the tar file, click on the folder with your username
    3. Open the ofocus.focus folder
    4. Sort that folder by size and you will find the biggest zip file is the one that has the contents.xml file in it.
    5. Extract that to disk and then run the omni2map add in and point to it.
  1. Run the add-in by clicking on the omni2map tab and omni2map button.
  2. It will prompt you to browse to your contents.xml file.
  3. It will ask you if you want to include completed items and if you want to put a start date on items that don't have explicit start date.
  4. It will take several minutes to process the information. Dialog boxes will provide updates on status.

Step by Step

Once you successfully install the add-in, you will have a new tab on your MindManager ribbon:


Clicking on the Omni2Map button launches the program. You should have previously obtained a copy of your contents.xml file from OmniFocus. You can get this from one of the Sync services provided by that program. If you are a Windows user, the Beta Sync Service offered by OmniGroup is probably your best bet.


You will be prompted to browse to the location of contents.xml on your hard drive:


You have the option of including previously completed items or leaving them out of the import:


Omni2Map can use the date you added a task to OmniFocus as the tasks start date if you wish. This can be helpful in identifying stale tasks.


The program will take a minute or 2 to read your file, particularly if you are a long time user.


Task import can take several minutes:


Once the program has completed, you will have your OmniFocus projects and tasks will be organized by folder in MindManager with the topics marked up with dates, contexts, repeat rate, etc.


You can expand each folder to see the projects:


and expand further to see the completed and future tasks


If you are a ResultsManager user, you can process this map into a dashboard and analyze it with Next Action Analysis. It overly penalizes time estimates and prioritization, which are not features of OmniFocus. If there is interest I may adapt NAA to run directly on the OmniFocus import:



  • This program is in very early testing. Documentation and instructions will get added here as time permits.
  • Make sure you kill off any stray MindManager processes before installing.
  • You may need to manually uninstall earlier versions. The current version seems to be uninstalling previous versions OK.
  • The program is only compiled now for MindManager 9.2.504. If you are using a different version of MindManager, post a comment and I'll compile one for you as time permits.

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