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OutLinker stores processed outlook items into a single "archive" folder, either within a *.ost Exchange structure or within a *.pst Personal File structure. Messages can be send to a folder "under" the inbox by changing the "underinbox:" parameter in the "Outlinker Settings" notes folder from 0 to 1.

While some people may store emails into separate "subject" folders within either structure, the decision to keep OutLinker processed outlook emails in a single folder attempts to simplify the task of storing and retrieving outlook items.The aim is to only process once.

It takes considerable time to sort outlook items into folders. Also the number of folders keeps increasing as you add for projects, customers, friends etc.The chances of duplicating folders and/or incorrectly filing emails increases as the number of emails and folders increase. People in busy organizations can receive hundreds of emails a day; too many to sort into folders and find again later.

You don't need use more than one folder to store processed items if you have processed the email, task or appointments, and assigned "next actions". From the task you can retrieve the outlook item and even use outlook functionality to reply or take further action. As long as the item remains in the processed folder it will able to be retrieved (unless you decided to delete it permanently!).

This system connects all processed items to mind maps and it really does offer a way of ensuring tasks are not lost. However the user can still use other methods for rediscovering emails and tasks. Outlook itself provides search facilities and many ways to organize views of folders.

There are also programs that index and search masses of files, emails and tasks in lightning fast time.Microsoft has developed its own search engine called "Windows Desk Top Search" for WindowsXP, but has integrated the technology fully into Windows VISTA. This is changing the way people are storing and finding files. Other commercial programs include Copernic, ISYS, X1, and Google Desktop Search. These providers have personal and enterprise versions.

For those people that really want to store emails in topic and special folders, there is still the option of dragging the email from the "archive" folder into the folder of your choice. The commercial, GTD add-in also allows users to file emails into folders. Some people may want to only separate personal emails from work emails.