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OutLinker stores its configuration and statistics in the Windows registry. Early versions of OutLinker stored this in a OutLinker Settings folder under OutLooks "My Notes". Currently the program only uses this folder to keep a running log of messages processed each day.

The table below lists the settings, their purpose, and their default value.

Setting Purpose Default
usegdelete For Gmail IMAP users, move messages to trash folder to permanently delete them 1
usemindreader The program can run without utilizing MindReader 1
gyroqpath Path to the GyroQ Program folder C:\Program Files\Gyronix\GyroQ\
usegyroq Use GyroQ to transfer information to MindManager 1
showstats Show stats on usage after processing a set of messages 1
trackskips Keep track of number of messages skipped 1
mindreaderopenmacro Location of mindreader open macro relative to My Maps ao\ao_mindreaderopen.mmbas
mindreadernlpmacro Location of mindreaderNLP macro relative to My Maps ao\ao_mindreadernlp.mmbas
mindreaderconfigmap Location of mindreaderconfig.mmap configuration file relative to My Maps ao\mindreaderconfig.mmap

The information below is also stored in the Outlinker Settings folder



lastuse Set by program to decide when to increment daily stats.
processcount Total number of messages processed
gdeletecount Total number of messages gdeleted
deletecount Total number of messages deleted
composecount number of times compose command used
archivecount Total number of messages archived
replycount Total number of messages replied to
transfercount Total number of messages transferred to MindManager
skipcount Total number of times you have skipped messages
lastupgrade Used to tell OutLinker if it needs to update settings
dailyprocessed Table summarizing daily number of emails processed
todaycount Total number of messages processed today