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Having trouble with OutLinker? I'll log issues that come up here for future reference. If you run into trouble, post an entry on the blog or send email to info at activityowner dot com.

See this page for OutLook 2010 OutLinker Setup.

Problem or Error MessageSolution
Hyperlinks don't respond (outlook 2007) Run the registry script on the setup page
Cannot find 'file:///... Make sure the path or internet address is correct The internal browser for MindManager 8.2 incorrectly sees OutLook hyperlinks as relative file links. Solutions Options:
  • Disable the browser add in.
  • Click right on hyperlink and choose open outside of MindManager.
  • Manually set the hyperlink type to absolute
  • Run the Ao_fix_relative_outlook_links.mmbas macro to set links absolute for a given map
You should update to the latest versions of Outlinker and Mindreader, which set the link as absolute now.
User defined type not defined. Make sure all the references have been added.
The macros in this project are disabledSet your security setting to medium. Tell Outlook to trust this macro
“You don’t have permission to access this file”Make sure you have run the .reg file.
links not added to MindManagerMake sure you have 7Dec07 or greater version of MindReader
Missing sent itemsSee configuration tip in comments [1]
Slow processing Speeds with Exchange Servers

If your Outlook connects through an Exchange Server you might find that you can speed up processing by setting Outlook to cache your Outlook data. This means that mail will be synchronized during down times and OutLinker will be working with cached items on your own computer rather than waiting for the exchange server to download the item.

To do this in Outlook 2007:

  1. Go to Outlook\Tools\Account Settings. (Can also get there through Control Panel\Mail)
  2. Select the data files tab and highlight the exchange account.
  3. Click settings followed by the advanced tab.
  4. Select "Use Exchange Cache Mode".
Runtime error -2147319779: Automation Error Library not registered click start, run, and then type "regsvr32 scrrun.dll" [2]

Error 429: ActiveX control cannot create object[3]

  1. In Windows Hit Start, Run, Cmd
  2. At system prompt type: regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\scrrun.dll

Clipboard errors

  • On Mac, turn off parallels shared clipboard
  • Investigate other clipboard sharing programs/settings.

Repeating "You are at bottom of message list. Start at top?"

OutLinker keeps information in memory about last and next items and sometimes gets confused. Try selecting a single item or Exit OutLook and restart and the problem should go away.

Known Issues

  • If you have Outlook configured to prompt you to "connect or work offline", you should open Outlook before clicking on Outlook hyperlinks in MindManager. If you do it by mistake, open task manager and kill off outlook.exe
  • You may experience intermittent MindManager crashes unless you turn off Auto-Recovery. See Mindmanager7 Setup Tips.