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This is an interactive page for power users of OutLinker to brainstorm and organize how to improve the program.

Potential Next Steps in Development

  • Allow ResultsManager users option to launch alt-e-y form on the transferred task rather than use mindreader.
  • Experiment with how links hold up if you archive to a gmail folder instead of a pst
  • Auto-mode where it automatically cycles through selected messages with subject as next action and sender@ and leaves the processing to be done on the MindManager side
  • Flag appointments that have already been "processed" somehow.
  • Keep track of number of Actioned items (ones for which a maptopic has been created)
  • Add a drop down box of destination map keywords harvested from the mindreader configuration map.
  • Allow msg files to be put on disk and linked to rather than embedded (where to put them?)

Recent items addressed

  • Suggest users use Thread Compressor if they want to remove redundant portions of discussion threads.
  • New GyroQ "ola" tag will create an outlook appointment from a mindreader topic/task (not related to Outlinker but was suggested here).
  • send as non-action info for reference section of map using isinfo mindreader keyword
  • Develop a mode where user doesn’t need MindReader/GyroQ/ResultsManager – just dump linked activities into a Outlook capture map.
  • Conversion to forms/add-in for ease of installation and enhanced interface
  • Enable the ability to process task in same way that email and appointments are processed.
  • Improve wiki documentation of how to use it (folder choice, personal digital signature)
  • Add ability to send a task over with link but as “complete”.
  • Scroll within a message without using "i" interact command (will require forms).
  • Get an WebDAV or WebDrive working for shared map for project/ideas (using MindJet Connect for now)
  • Warn on long message trunication once/session
  • Make "attach message" a sticky configuration option.