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Outlook macros for interacting with MindManager and MindReader

OutLinkerSave an outlook message to a pst file and hyperlink to it from ResultsManager activity in MindManager using GyroQ and MindReader Code History
OutLinker form Outlinker form files File:OutLinkerForm.frm File:OutLinkerForm.frx  
OutLinker Settings form Outlinker Settings form files File:OutLinkerSettings.frm File:OutLinkerSettings.frx  
OutLinker form code Code behind outlinker form Code History
OutLinker setup form code Code behind outlinker setup form Code History

Utility Functions

These are routines written for outlinker but not currently in use MindReaderOpenDirect.bas

Outlook 2007 and 2010 Registry Setup

With OutLook 2007 and 2010, Microsoft stopped enabling OutLook hyperlinks by default. In order to enable them, you need click on the link below that corresponds to your situation and save the contents to a text file with a .reg extension and then click on it to update your registry settings. They are all identical except for the path to locate your OutLook.exe file. You may need to edit for international versions of Windows. Not all have been tested so send me an email if you find it doesn't work for you or comment on an OutLinker blog entry.

The original script is courtesy of blogwell.wordpress.org which provides more background on the issue.

32bit machine64 bit machine64bit Outlook
Outlook 2007OL2007-32bit.regOL2007-64bit.reg 
Outlook 2010OL2010-32bit.regOutlook201032bit.regOL201064bit-64bit.reg