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Put it in front of the door, for lack of a better name, refers to a GyroQ batch file that runs a set of scripts to get your "stuff" into refreshed ResultsManager Dashboards and distributed to the web/email.

The key portion of this script is the "run:rm:dashboard" command that refreshes the ResultsManager dashboard. oor-again/].

In order to get this to run in unattended mode, you need to un-check the box for "use fewer confirmation messages" and "warn me about missing multi-maps".

If you run the latest version of the Setup program, you will find three new files in your "My Maps\ao" directory:

  1. rfd.bat: A batch file to be run by your Windows Task Scheduler
  2. rfd2.txt: A short gryoq script that allows you to abort execution of rfd.txt
  3. rfd-basic.txt: main gyroq script (basic version)
  4. rfd-advanced.txt: main gryoq script (advanced version)

The basic version of rfd.txt script does the following:

  1. Empty GyroQ queue
  2. Remove filters and send changes from daily action dashboard
  3. Refresh daily action dashboard
  4. Saves daily actions to an html file for easier access as well as dropbox web access (new)
  5. Run Next Action Analysis on daily action dashboard

You must have previously saved a daily action dashboard to My Maps\dashboards\dailyactions.mmap

You can thin out this script based on your interests and needs. There is also a rfd GyroQ tag that sends the queue, refreshes the dashboard, and runs NAA which is useful for mid-day updates.

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