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The Relative Project Dates tool allows you to define a map or map template with category labels that specify the start and due dates of tasks relative to a reference date you enter. You can leave these codes in place for later revisions or have them removed by the macro. To use the tool, download the ao_set_relative_dates.mmbas macro and run it.

Setting Relative Date Codes

You can set the relative date codes Using the MindReader m tag or by choosing "New Text Marker" from the Ribbon menu and putting it into a new "Categories" group:

Add_new_text_marker.png Add_a_category_text_marker.png

Sample Map Template with Relative Date Codes

After you have marked up your map or map template as shown below:


Relative Date Prompt

Run the ao_set_relative_dates.mmbas macro, which prompts for a reference date (in this case the date of the trip):


Example of Project Map with Dates Set


Comments or Questions

For comments or questions see the Blog Entry on this topic.