ResultsManager and GyroQ Setup Tips

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Make sure you review these whenever you are installing these add-ins on a new computer.

Review the General MindManager Setup Tips

See the MindManager Setup Tips for general setup tips and make sure you are aware of general MindManager 9 Issues.

When Installing GyroQ, Run MindManager first

If you install MindManager and then immediately install GyroQ, GyroQ may not be able to find the right default location for its files. GyroQ should end up in <default map location>\GyroQ, which is usually "My Maps\GyroQ", but you may find it ends up in Documents\GyroQ unless you run MindManager first so that necessary registry settings are set.

Uncheck the "Support MM/Outlook Synchronization" Option

When this is set to true, ResultsManager will add due dates of "today" whenever you have a topic that MindReader has set a start date for. Synchronization requires both dates to be set or neither to be.

Be a Power User

Although it is intended to provide some beginner hand-holding, I'm not sure a typical user necessarily needs the "ResultsMerlin" application. While ResultsManager is just a set of macros running within MindManager, ResultsMerlin is a separate application that requires admin rights in a corporate environment to install and can add .net complications. I think it is OK to just uncheck the box for it during installation. I'd be curious if new users have found it helpful. Go ahead and switch to "Power User" mode right away under "Tools", "Change ResultsManager Mode". You have a few more options that come up when editing activities, but you may as well start getting the feel of what the software can do.

Reduce interaction during dashboard generation

If you like to regenerate your dashboards overnight or walk away while they are refreshing, set up ResultsManager to ignore missing maps (Tools, ResultsManager Options, Dashboard Options) and to use fewer confirmation messages (Tools, ResultsManager Options). Just make sure to clean up broken links routinely using the Multimap checker (Tools, Macro, Macros, ResultsManager MultiMap Checker).

Exclude notes from dashboards

They can slow down dashboard generation (Tools, ResultsManager Options, Dashboard Options, Exclude Topic Notes).

Watch out for interactions with other add-ins

Note: This advice is likely outdated, but left here just in case. Things change over time, but in the past, the use of some Mindjet labs add-ins (e.g. map explorer)or add-ins from other companies (e.g. mind2chart) have led to instability with ResultsManager.

Install the Windows Tablet SDK to get dashboard regeneration working

This is likely an out of date tip. If you are using ResultsManager and GyroQ, and want to be able to regenerate your dashboards in automated scripts that use the run:rm:dashboard command, you need to install the Windows Tablet PC SDK in order to get some key dlls updated [1].

Minimize use of add-ins (particularly Map explorer)

Add-ins like Map Explore try to react to each change ResultsManager makes while building dashboards, which can be a problem for very large dashboards [2].

Make the Macro button visible on the Ribbon

Go to File/Options/View/show developer to register tab in ribbon.

Use filenames as your map tabs

If you often have several maps open at once, you can keep your workbooks tabs manageable by keeping your filenames short and using filenames as your tab labels instead of central topic text (Tools, Options, View, Workbook Tabs).

Put MindReader and "Mark and log task done" on your topic context menu

The macros associated with MindReader and Mark and Log Tasks Done are very handy if you place them on the topic context menu. This enables you to marke a set of selected tasks done or process a string of text you have written into a parsed activity. To add them click on "Tools", "Macros", "Organize Macros", "Add", and browse to "My Maps\mindreaderNLP.mmbas, name it "MindReader", and assign it to the topic context menu. Do the same with "My Maps\AO\mark_task_complete". I like to have "ao_age_analysis.mmbas" and "map2table" on this menu as well.

Take a break

MindManager gets "tired" after extended usage of ResultsManager or GyroQ. Just save your files, quit the application, and launch it again, and things perk up.