Set up a ResultsManager Project Map

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Gyronix has a more complex example, but the basic components of a project map are shown below:


  • The target and square on the central topic designate it as a project
  • The In-tray serves as a place to add unprocessed ideas and for GyroQ and MindReader to delivered new tasks to be placed in the project plan.
  • The reference section is a place to capture things you want near at hand (e.g. a link to Amazon for a holiday shopping project) or perhaps links to related maps. The red "block" ensure that resultsmanager doesn't follow links to other maps in that branch.
  • The third branch contains the project plan in "Funnel Timeline" format.

Make sure you link to the project map from your map central so that ResultsManager can find it. You can download this sample map from the MindManager Maps Library.