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Follow Instructions below to setup MindReader for GyroQ

Follow the instructions below to install MindReader, Mark Task Complete, Next Action Analysis and their associated GyroQ tags. OutLinker still requires manual installation. Note that recent versions of mindreader store the configuration files and macros in the "AO" directory. The code also has the default option of checking for updates on the wiki. If a new version is available, you will be directed to the MindReader Updates page. You can also Subscribe to the blog to get updates. These tools are designe to work with MindManager 6.2.399, 7.0.429, or 8 and GyroQ Professional or 2. Version is not compatible.


  1. Backup
    1. It is always a good practice to backup you Documents regularly, including your "My Maps" directory. Do so now.
    2. Copy any personal GyroQ tag packed text to a text file so you can reinstall them.
    3. AO Tags not installed with the new GyroQ.ini can be pasted in from the GyroQ Tag Library.
  2. Prepare for Installation
    1. Empty your queue before installing and don't queue important items until the new system is working smoothly for you
    2. Choose Options and make sure "use extended tags" is checked
    3. Exit GyroQ (options, Exit GyroQ) and close any macros in macro editor (tools, macros, macro editor).
  3. Download and Run the Setup Program
    1. Choose either
      1. Download Beta Setup.exe
      2. Download Stable Setup.exe
    2. If you experience a problem with the beta installation, report it and install the stable version (and vice versa...).
    3. It is recommended that you overwrite your gyroq.ini file so that all tags are brought up to date.
    4. Don't choose custom installation directories unless you are a programmer.
  4. Complete upgrade
    1. Don't move your legacy configuration map. If you move it you will break your links.
    2. The first time you run the "m" tag, the program will copy legacy MindReader.mmap to mindreaderconfig.mmap in the "My Maps\AO" directory this first time you use a mindreader tag.
    3. Answer no (and check box no for good) when prompted that "Map location has changed. Do you want to update links?".
    4. Make sure you turn off the ResultsManager "Support MM/Outlook Synchronization" option as this will add due dates of today when mindreader adds a start date if you use the edit activity interface.
  5. Test
    1. Select a topic and type "Control q" to bring up GyroQ and then "m " to toggle to the "m" tag. Enter "Due tomorrow!".
    2. It should mark up the task as due tomorrow with a hard deadline icon.
    3. Try various commands listed in side-bar of this page (click on them for help).
  6. Legacy Clean-up
    1. Delete the root directory mindreader.mmap and mindreaderopen and mindreaderNLP macros. The upgrade leaves these in place just in case something fails along the way.
    2. There is a new OutLinker script that points to new script locations.

Using the MindReader o tagUsing the MindReader c tagUsing the MindReader q tagUsing the MindReader s tagUsing the MindReader m tagUsing the MindReader a tagUsing the MindReader b tagUsing the MindReader p tagUsing the MindReader k tagUsing the MindReader nm tagUsing the MindReader mra tagUsing the MindReader lkw tagUsing the MindReader cb tagMark Task CompleteUsing the elog tagUsing the clo tagUsing the aomenu tagMap2tableUsing the mna tagNext Action AnalysisUsing the olt tagUsing the mtcn tagUsing the fn tagUsing the Archive tagAo-pack-ini.jpg