Sign an OutLook Macro

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If you want to avoid the prompt for macro use in each session, you may be able to just set yourself as a trusted publisher. Alternatively you can create a Code-Signing Certificate. This will allow give OutLinker security clearance on your computer. To do this:

  1. go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 (for Office 2007) and run Selfcert.exe.
  2. Add your name as the Certificate Name and then click OK twice.
  3. In the Visual Basic Editor, click Tools->Digital Signature... and then click the "Choose" button to display the list of digital signatures available.
  4. Click the certificate you just created and click "OK" twice
  5. Now save your macros by selecting File/Save VBAProject.OTM from within Outlook.
  6. Then exit and restart Outlook always saving the project if prompted.
  7. When Outlook restarts open the VBA project by using ALT-F11.
  8. You will be presented with a Security Notice. Click the button "Trust all documents from the publisher".