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Having some trouble...

I'm running MindManager 6.2.399 and GyroQ 1.9.2

I've added the packed text for the MindReader "o","q","c","mri", "mra", and "s" Tags into GyroQ dialog box. (success)

I've downloaded the two macros into my My Maps folder.

When I run mri, it tells me that it's going to create the mri map, goes to MindManager to do so, then creates the central topic, but then stops and throws an error: "Object 'CmjDocumentCollectionComObject' reports an error: 'unable to create document'

Then the central topic gets wiped out and I don't have a mindreader.mmap file anywhere.

I have no idea where to start to try to debug this...

The GyroQ taskbar had somehow died. So when I restarted it and enabled extended tabs it all started to work. I think I'm set now.