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Under "Complete Upgrade" you may want to indicate that you should run any tag (?) first, which will automatically start the conversion process.

Are there new default entries in the upgraded mindreaderconfig.mmap? When my original one is moved, do I lose any that you have added in because your file is overwritten?

Can I delete my original mindreader.mmap?

What about the old versions of mark task complete--are they now obsolete?


  • I added a mention of upgrade happening the first time m is used
  • Depending on how long it has been since you have upgraded, Mindreader will likely make additions/corrections to your mindreader.mmap (now named AO\mindreaderconfig.mmap).
  • It won't overwrite a existing file in AO.
  • You can delete macros and config map in root directory after the upgrade process is done (see step 7). I didn't want to do that automatically as it is hard to recover from issue that way.
  • There is a significantly upgraded mark_task_complete.mmbas in AO directory. I don't recall if that lived in root directory in early days. If you have one there you can delete it.