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Hi All,

I am not new to MindManager having using it since it's early days - I am however new to ResultsManager and GyroQ, to be honest they both seem very powerful but also difficult to grasp (probably just me). I am sure there is somewhere on here a 'dummies' guuide to setting up Mindmanger 7, Results Manager and GyroQ to work in harmont together for the less experienced user?

Any chance of a basic step by step guide that can guide us poor new soles towards results heaven...

Many thanks for any basic guides that you can provide.



Hi Paul --

For ResultsManager, I would recommend having a look at the Email Hints that Gyronix sends out to new users. This along with other resources are compiled on the ResultsManager Resources page. The GyroQ Resources page has a link to the GyroQ User Manual.

I am hoping that over time this wiki evolves to have what you are looking for. In the meantime, just dive in and ask questions as them come up to other users using either comments on blog entries on the ActivityOwner.Com site, on the Yahoo GTD-MindManager group, or on the Gyronix message boards.