Using MindManager with SharePoint

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MindManager has supported SharePoint use via its WebDAV compatibility going back to at least version 7. With the recently relesaed verion 8.2 beta, they are enhancing their support of this growing collaboration and document management platform. A temporary companion site is being set up to experiment with. Email info at if you would like a temporary account on the system.


  • Can maps be created and saved on Sharepoint?


Questions to Answer

  • Can mindmanager be added as a document type to Sharepoint through its interface or do you need access to the server?[1]
  • Can you avoid map being perceived as a zip file if you click on it in library?
  • Why are Application>Sharepoint>Open From SharePoint and other options grayed out?
  • Does "copy as hyperlink" work correctly?
  • What is the best way to link to a map in SharePoint?
    • It seems like a link to the file when library (copy, paste hyperlink) is opened in windows explorer works.
  • Will ResultsManager work?
    • Can generate dashboard but hyperlink is to a local temp folder
  • Can dashboard be stored in SP for accessing remotely?