Using the MindReader c tag

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The purpose of the MindReader "c" tag is to read the content of a topic or set of topics and "read your mind" as to what the mark-up of the MindManager topic needs to be so that you don't have to set these attributes individually. For example, if you have a topic enter in a map as:

  • Call Bob next week to schedule the meeting!


Rather than manually...

  • setting the topic as a task
  • setting start date to today
  • pulling up calendar to figure out that next week is 1/31
  • Setting the Task resource to Bob@ to indicate a "contact about" context
  • Adding the deadline icon to indicate a fixed due date
  • Pulling up the resultsmanager edit-activity dialog to add a @phone context

This is all done for you automatically by MindReader:


Next Steps

  • Rather than marking up topics already in maps, you can also collect action items during the day Using the MindReader q tag, which saves up tasks, puts them in maps, and parses them the same way the c tag does.
  • For more information on the syntax that MindReader recoginized to accomplish this, see the Using the MindReader M tag.