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Often the first step in a project is to create a new MindManager map for it in the ResultsManager best-practice format with in-tray, reference, and plan branches. The MindReader "nm" tag lowers the effort required to make that happen and helps you with the initial mark up.

For example, if you hit "Control q", "nm " to bring up the nm tag and enter:

"2008 Taxes 4/15/09! P1 [finances]"


It will create a new map, format it, and mark up the central topic project as a priority 1 project in your "Finances" area with a hard deadline of April 15th. It will then prompt you to save it to disk. All you need to do is link this map into your map central (or have it in a folder linked from your map central) and you have a live project ready to work with.

The latest version prompts for a next action (or next actions if you use << or >> keywords) and marks them up along with the main project.


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